Doublicat: Users can make their favorite GIF memes and reactions personal with just one selfie and share them directly to social media and messengers. Powered by RefaceAI technology.

A year ago, the story of our first realistic face swap service, Reflect Step I: Face Swap, started here. Thanks to your support, we were nominated for Golden Kitty Awards in the category AI & Machine Learning, tweeted by Elon Musk (and we didn’t deepfake it), and featured on Mashable and Forbes (the proof we didn’t deepfake Elon Musk). 🙌 You helped us discover there’s an awesome community out there. So we took the next step and created a new product — this time, even more mind-blowing and fun. 🙀 Meet Doublicat — our new face swap AI-tool for GIFs. If you try it and find the meme with your face looks creepily realistic — you’re right. That’s because we don’t simply put a face on top of a pic but create a new image using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). 👨‍💻 We called our technology RefaceAI and our researchers keep experimenting and evolving it. Our goal is to develop the world’s best visual content personalization tool — and you can clearly help us with that. 💬 Please share any thoughts and comments below or DM us on Twitter. Likes or dislikes, love or criticism — anything is very welcome.

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