UXPin is the all-in-one design tool where you can prototype using animations, states, real inputs, and logic, co-design in real-time and share specs with devs.
We’ve recently improved the UI, performance and added new features, wrapping it up as UXPin 2.0.
As UXPin’s co-founder and CEO, I’m super stoked to introduce you to the new, polished UXPin 2.0! We’ve been working on the overall improvement of our product for the past couple of months. Our goal was to bring back the spotless experience to our product and I’m so proud of my team – they delivered big time! For those of you who are familiar with our tool – UXPin 2.0 looks and works more or less as you remember but the thing is it’s now way faster and more intuitive. The whole launch at Product Hunt is symbolic because it wraps up the releases we’ve been introducing for the last couple of months. It’s a marking point for the big change in our roadmap. The day our tool has become something more than a collection of cool features. There are a lot of awesome additions – let me just list my favourite: – Strikingly Precise Zoom – Pixel Grid – Power Duplicate – Pencil Tool – New Text Element – Team Avatars in the top bar – Faster Layers Read our latest blog post  to make sure you see all the changes, as some of them work beneath the surface (like the improvements in the performance of the app). As said before, UXPin 2.0 is just the beginning of a lot of user-friendly updates to our tool, so keep your ear to the ground. We have things like New Color Picker or Pages Overview almost ready. If you’d like to test UXPin 2.0 yourself (which I strongly encourage you to do!)

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