Zest:Input a little bit about yourself and your goals to get matched with 4 other like minded people in your city over a small wine tasting event hosted by a sommelier. Learn about local wine, meet new people, and turn your city into a community..


My name is Punia and I built Zest to solve the loneliness problem that is plaguing my generation. While our online social networks are growing and we are more connected than ever, we have fewer close friends and lack real in-person connection with each other. Personally, I’m a two time immigrant from India to Canada and Canada to America and have experienced viscerally what it means to have nobody. I don’t think anything is more antithetical to the human experience so to solve it Zest is connecting like minded people in the local community over a shared experience tasting wine led by a sommelier. We hope you take the first step, have fun with these intimate experiences, and create real relationships! I would love any suggestions you have in making the experience as comfortable as possible and how we can encourage engagement after the event. Happy to answer any questions!

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